WGA Policy Resolution 2023-10, Infrastructure Permitting

A clear, consistent, focused, and effective environmental review process is essential to protect environmental resources, ensure public participation, and facilitate timely decision making in the design, financing and execution of critical infrastructure and land management projects.  These review processes can be improved and streamlined while still providing meaningful opportunities for public input and promoting a safe and healthy environment for our citizens.  This resolution makes several recommendations for Congress and the Administration to consider as they continue evaluating permitting processes.  These include prioritizing the hiring of qualified permitting staff in agency field offices, streamlining review processes for similar projects delivering an environmental or conservation outcome, and making processes more accessible to underserved or historically disadvantaged communities, including small and rural communities.  The resolution also emphasizes that federal permitting policies and efforts to streamline permitting processes should be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of local communities and that federal efforts should increase transparency, accessibility, and agency accountability for all projects. Read, download the resolution

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