2018 Energy Vision for the West


Western Governors support a comprehensive energy portfolio for the West to ensure that energy is clean, affordable, and reliable. They are also committed to energy policies that promote economic growth and protect the environment. This approach facilitates a strong economy and jobs across a variety of professions, skill sets, and educations.

The 10-Year Energy Vision for the West was updated in 2018 to reflect revised energy policy priorities for the West, including priorities regarding alternative vehicles, energy storage, grid resiliency and cybersecurity. 

This approach also recognizes that there are challenges and opportunities associated with every type of energy resource and use, the costs and benefits of which must be considered in policymaking. One such opportunity – and challenge – is creating an effective state-federal partnership in energy development, lands management, and environmental protection.

The 2018 Report serves as a guide for realizing opportunities to advance the West as the nation’s principal energy provider and a leader in energy innovation and effective policy.

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WGA Policy Resolution 2018-04: Energy in the West

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