LISTEN: Latest episode of ‘Out West’ podcast takes deep dive into Special Report of the Reimagining the Rural West Initiative

Reimagining the Rural West Special Report, the latest episode of WGA’s Out West podcast, shares the findings and insights gained over the past year’s work on the Reimagining the Rural West Initiative of WGA immediate Past Chair, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum.

In previous episodes, Out West explored different aspects of the Initiative, examining challenges and opportunities in economic development, infrastructure, and quality of life in the rural West. But you may be wondering: how did this all start? And what did the Initiative ultimately produce?

In this episode, WGA Executive Director Jim Ogsbury speaks with Senior Policy Advisor Lauren DeNinno, who has led WGA’s work on the Reimagining the Rural West Initiative, to address the origins of Gov. Burgum’s policy effort and how it will inform Western Governors’ policy decisions moving forward. Ogsbury also talks with Troy Timmons, WGA’s Director of Federal Relations and Strategic Initiatives, who is leading WGA’s COVID-19 response, which includes a number of significant rural issues.  

To listen, click the embedded player below, or visit PodbeanOut West is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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