LISTEN: Learn the importance of invasive species data to conservation districts in Out West podcast

Invasive Species Data: Conservation Districts, the latest episode of WGA’s Out West podcast, highlights the importance of invasive species data for conservation districts.

This episode is the first in a series for the WGA Invasive Species Data Mobilization Campaign, which encourages land managers, landowners, conservation groups, and NGOs to standardize and share invasive species data in the West.

Listen as Bill Whitacre, Senior Policy Advisor at WGA, speaks with Keith Owen, the South Central Region representative for the National Association of Conservation Districts. They will discuss how invasive species impact the work of conservation districts, and why it is important to share invasive species data.

To listen, click the embedded player below, or visit Podbean, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. And learn more about the ongoing work of the Invasive Species Data Mobilization Campaign.

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