WEBINAR: WGA Launches Invasive Species Data Mobilization Campaign

The Invasive Species Data Mobilization Campaign of the Western Governors’ Association seeks to encourage national, state, and local land managers, private landowners, and non-governmental organizations to enter previously unavailable data into new or existing invasive species data management platforms using recommendations developed by WGA and invasive species data experts. 

High-quality information is an essential weapon in the fight against invasive species in the West. Land managers, conservation groups, industry, and private landowners need accurate, current regional invasive species occurrence data. Technological barriers and standardization issues, however, often prevent wide sharing of useful invasive species occurrence data.

WGA and the North American Invasive Species Management Association launched the campaign in December, 2020 with a webinar featured representatives from the four existing data platforms -- EDDMapS, iMapInvasives, BISON, and USGS NAS -- discussing the importance of invasive species data standardization and sharing.

During 2021 WGA will present a series of podcasts and case studies that highlight the importance of sharing standardized data via invasive species data management platforms. Watch for updates on these materials on WGA’s website, social media, and weekly newsletter. The materials will also be shared via the network of collaborating organizations listed below.

You can also contact Bill Whitacre at (720) 897-4538 or [email protected] for more information or to join the campaign.

Watch the launch webinar

Data Campaign Podcast Series: WGA has launched a podcast series in support of the campaign. "Invasive Species Data: Conservation Districts," features WGA's Bill Whitacre interviewing Keith Owen of the National Association of Conservation Districts about the importance of invasive species data for conservation districts.

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