Biosecurity & Invasive Species Initiative Resource: National Invasive Species Center

The National Invasive Species Center is an online resource maintained by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for invasive species managers and the general public.

The center’s Resources page provides links to a broad variety of technical information for invasive species managers and features a list of organizations involved in biosecurity and invasive species management at both a state and multi-state level. Resources can be filtered by Subject, Resource Type, Location, or Source.

Organized by geography, the Resources by Location page offers selected U.S. and international resources from agencies and organizations with interests in the prevention, control or eradication of invasive species. To learn what’s happening in individual states, click here. For multistate resources, click here.

Exploring Resources by Subject provides direct links to training materials for educators, image galleries, information about control mechanisms, and much more. Useful databases, including the Catalog of U.S. Federal Early Detection/Rapid Response Invasive Species Databases and Tools, are available.

The Western Governors’ Biosecurity and Invasive Species Initiative highlighted the work of Western Governors to confront the challenge of nuisance species, pests, and pathogens on western ecosystems. Part of the Initiative's work was to convene experts, and identify case studies, best practices, and other resources to advance that mission. Learn more on the Initiative’s Resources Page.

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