WGA supports new tools for critical mineral and energy development with Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources  

This week, the Western Governors’ Association urged the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to address barriers to the supply chain for critical minerals. The letter of March 29, signed by WGA Executive Director, Jim Ogsbury, highlighted the importance of mining critical minerals to clean energy development, as well as the stability of western economies and national security. “Western Governors are committed to leveraging the vast expertise in the West’s industry, academic institutions, and national laboratories to make the region an international hub for new energy technology research and development, as well as energy education,” the letter read. “Congress, in consultation with the states, should develop a National Minerals Policy that truly enables mineral exploration and development in a manner that balances the nation’s industrial and security needs with adequate protection of natural resources and the environment.” Read, download the letter to see the complete recommendations.

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