Working Lands, Working Communities Initiative Special Report

The Special Report of the Working Lands, Working Communities Initiative contains targeted recommendations on issues that affect natural resource management and the role that local communities play in successful land planning and management processes. 

Idaho Gov. Brad Little launched the Working Lands, Working Communities Initiative to  assemble regional experts at all levels of government and the private sector to discuss strategies, share success stories, and develop bipartisan solutions to the challenges faced by landscapes and communities of the West.

Based on input from state and federal land managers, private landowners, local governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations, WGA identified best practices and offered recommendations to put western states on a path toward healthier, more resilient landscapes, and support diverse economic opportunities for western communities. As the initiative progressed, four key themes emerged:

• The importance of collaboration

• The need for market innovation and incentives

• The promise of infrastructure investment

• The challenges of workforce development

Read, download the Report to learn more.

Read, downlaod the Appendix of the Working Lands, Working Communities Initaitve.  

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