Jared Polis


Elected Colorado’s 43rd governor in 2018.

Early Years: Born in Boulder, Colo., in 1975; spent his high school years in San Diego.

Education: Earned his bachelor’s from Princeton in 1996. During his time there, Polis co-founded an internet service provider with fellow students that became American Information Systems and later sold for $22 million. 

Career: Polis was elected the 43rd governor of Colorado in 2018. Previously, he served Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District in Congress from 2009-2019. He is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur and founder of several businesses besides American Information Systems, including ProFlowers.

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About Colorado

Nickname: Centennial State

Capital: Denver

Population: 5.5 million

Size: The state covers 104,094 square miles

Economic drivers: natural resources, agriculture, tourism, technology

Did you know? Denver International Airport is the fourth busiest domestic U.S. airport and thirteenth busiest world airport.

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