Western Governors approve policy resolutions on Western Agriculture, Broadband Connectivity, and Rural Development

Western Governors have formally approved three policy resolutions on: Broadband Connectivity, Rural Development, and Western Agriculture.

WGA Policy Resolution 2020-06, Western Agriculture

Western Governors support an array of funding, trade, education, research, and workforce development programs that promote agricultural contributions to the economies and quality of life in western states. The Governors, in this renewing resolution, highlight the production and conservation benefits of precision agriculture technologies and provide recommendations to support this growing sector. The resolution also offers strategies to address agricultural and food network supply chain challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Read, download the resolution. 

WGA Policy Resolution 2020-07, Rural Development

Healthy, vibrant and prosperous rural communities are critical to western states. Rural communities, however, face a variety of challenges with respect to economic development, infrastructure, and quality of life. The resolution details policies and recommendations to strengthen rural communities and ensure that programs delivering state and federal resources are efficient and accessible. The policy also includes recommendations to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19 in rural areas. Read, download the resolution.

WGA Policy Resolution 2020-08, Broadband Connectivity

Western Governors highlight the importance of high-speed internet (“broadband”) for rural economies and communities. The Governors discuss common infrastructure challenges – vast distances, unforgiving terrain, and multi-jurisdictional permitting – that complicate broadband deployment projects in western states. Their recommendations address broadband data and mapping, investments in scalable infrastructure, and strategies to help connect tribal communities. Read, download the resolution. 

Western Governors enact new policy resolutions and amend existing resolutions on a biannual basis. All of WGA’s current resolutions can be found on our Resolutions Page

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