Western Governors approve policy resolutions on disaster preparedness, transportation infrastructure, water resource management, cleaning up abandoned hardrock mines, water quality

Western Governors have formally approved five policy resolutions on: Disaster Preparedness and Response, Transportation Infrastructure in the Western United States, Water Resource Management in the West, Cleaning Up Abandoned Hardrock Mines in the West, and Water Quality in the West. 

WGA Policy Resolution 2021-06, Disaster Preparedness and Response: This updated resolution recognizes the important role Governors have in coordinating the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.  It recognizes the important federal role in preparing for and responding to disasters and emergencies, and emphasizes the need for cooperation and clear communication between federal, state, territorial, local, and tribal governments and between governments and their constituents.  In any disaster or emergency situation, good communication is key to developing and executing an effective response from governments, promoting public confidence in those response actions, and empowering citizens to make informed decisions about their safety and welfare. Read, download the resolution. 

WGA Policy Resolution 2021-07 Transportation Infrastructure in the Western United States: This updated resolution emphasizes the importance of a long-term federal funding mechanism for the maintenance and expansion of surface transportation networks and highlights innovative infrastructure advancements critical to the unique needs of western communities. It also focused on multimodal systems, including high-speed passenger rail, transit systems, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, air service, and safe biking and pedestrian options are all important to the West’s transportation infrastructure. Read, download the resolution.   

WGA Policy Resolution 2021-08Water Resource Management in the West: Western Governors reassert, in this renewed resolution, that states have primary authority over water management and allocation, and that federal investment is critical to meeting water infrastructure needs. The Governors offer specific support for the Bureau of Reclamation’s WaterSMART Program and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Planning Assistance to the States Program. The resolution further communicates the importance of water resource information and forecasting for informing sound water management. Read, download the resolution. 

WGA Policy Resolution 2021-09Cleaning Up Abandoned Hardrock Mines in the West: Western Governors call on Congress to protect “Good Samaritans” that voluntarily clean up abandoned mines from potential liability under the Clean Water Act, CERCLA, and RCRA. The resolution enunciates the Governors’ support for pilot projects if comprehensive legislation is not possible and provides recommendations for Good Samaritan remediation plans, permitting, reviews, and approvals that will facilitate the voluntary cleanup of abandoned mines and allow for responsible development on remediated mine land. This updated resolution also calls for increased federal funding and workforce capacity dedicated to addressing the backlog of abandoned hardrock mine inventory. Read, download the resolution. 

WGA Policy Resolution 2021-10, Water Quality in the West: In this updated resolution, Western Governors emphasize states’ management authorities and role as a co-regulator in implementing the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act. The resolution also communicates Western Governors’ shared perspectives and priorities related to groundwater resources, emerging contaminants, and stormwater pollution. Read, download the resolution. 

Western Governors enact new policy resolutions and amend existing resolutions on a biannual basis. All of WGA’s current resolutions can be found on our Resolutions Page.

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