Webinar: Water Quality Concerns in Western Forests and Rangelands

The Western Governors’ Association hosted the webinar Water Quality Concerns in Western Forests and Rangelands on Feb. 13.

The webinar examined aspects of water quality and land management practices on western forests and rangelands in the wake of wildfires. These included pre- and post-wildfire practices that reduce impacts on water quality and ecosystem health and models for addressing forest health and water quality issues through public-private partnerships.

The webinar was moderated by Marcus Selig, Vice President, Field Programs, National Forest Foundation. Panelists: Fawn Bergen, Global Program Manager, Water and Carbon Footprint, Intel Corporation; Natural Resources Conservation Service; Bruce Hallin, Director of Water Supply, Salt River Project. It is part of a series for the National Forest and Rangeland Management Initiative, which enables states and land managers to share best practices and policy options for forest and rangeland management. (Presentation slides)

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