Webinar: Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools

The Western Governors’ Association hosted the webinar, Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools, on Aug. 29, 2018. The webinar provided an overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tools — facilitation, mediation, arbitration and collaboration — and how they can be used to improve outcomes in forest planning and decision-making processes and avoid litigation.

Panelists shared case studies where stakeholder groups avoided formal conflicts by engaging in collaborative processes and discussed when and how mediation and arbitration can be used as an alternative to litigation to resolve land management disputes. Actions that Governors may take to encourage collaborative efforts, such as creating statewide funding streams, also were highlighted.

The webinar was moderated by Dan Adams, Principal of The Langdon Group. Panelists: Paul De Morgan, Senior Mediator, RESOLVE; Susan Hayman, Senior Associate, Enviroissues; and Scott Horngren, Attorney, Western Resources Legal Center.

Learn more about ADR by reading this report on the webinar by Danya Rumore, the Director of the Environmental Dispute Resolution Program in the Wallace Stegner Center at the University of Utah.

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