United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade provides “certainty” sought by Western Governors

The United States completed negotiations Sept. 30, 2018 on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. To become effective, the trade pact requires ratification by Congress.

As Mexico and Canada are the two biggest international trading partners of western states, Western Governors are encouraged that this agreement will provide the “stability and certainty” upon which successful trade relationships depend.

Western Governors, in the WGA Policy Resolution International Trade, acknowledge the need to, “modernize multi-lateral trade agreements to recognize advances in science and technology, protect U.S. workers and the environment, and ensure that the rules established by these agreements are enforced by all parties.“

The Governors have urged Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to pursue federal policies that, "continue providing the stability and certainty upon which successful trade relationships and western economies depend."

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