The Heat Beneath Our Feet Initiative Survey

The Heat Beneath Our Feet is the initiative of WGA Chair and Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. It will examine opportunities for and barriers to the increased development and deployment of geothermal technologies and evaluate strategies to scale geothermal technologies across the West. Opportunities include direct use and district heating systems for commercial, industrial, and residential heating applications; geothermal power plants for electricity generation; and geothermal heat pumps for building heating and cooling.

This survey is intended to help WGA design the initiative by identifying: (1) priority issues for gubernatorial leadership, including regulatory, technical, economic, and workforce opportunities for states to support the development of geothermal projects; (2) best practices and case studies for geothermal energy development; (3) federal policy issues for potential WGA advocacy; (4) individuals or organizations interested in participating in workshops and other opportunities for engagement; and (5) current markets for technologies and companies. 

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