Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight is a case study series examining the challenges and opportunities in species conservation:

Learn how collaborative conservation led to a 'Not Warranted' ESA determination for Arctic Grayling in Montana. (More)

Take a closer look at how partnership-driven conservation resulted in the Oregon chub becoming the first fish to be delisted under the ESA. (More)

Learn more about the collaborative conservation actions and regulatory changes that helped recover and delist the American Peregrine Falcon under the ESA. (More)

Extensive development in the California habitat of the El Segundo Blue Butterfly resulted in an "endangered" listing, but the butterfly has rebounded thanks to conservation work. (More)

Learn more about how collaborative conservation put the Columbian white-tailed deer on the road to recovery. (More)

Learn about the conservation agreement that kept the Graham’s and White River beardtongues off the ESA threatened list. (More)

Take a closer look at how proactive conservation efforts brought the Channel Island fox from endangered to recovered in record time. (More)

Protecting the gopher tortoise and its ecosystem. (More)

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