Webinar: WGA Working Lands Roundtable Rollout Discussion

The Western Governors’ Association hosted the webinar, Working Lands Roundtable Rollout Discussion, on Sept. 27. Webinar participants outlined WGA’s new effort to examine crosscutting policy issues, engage a broad coalition of stakeholders and continue the work of past WGA Chair Initiatives and policy priorities.

WGA developed the WGA Working Lands Roundtable for ongoing implementation of WGA natural resource-focused initiatives. It will serve as the consolidating body for association efforts on drought, species conservation and the Endangered Species Act, forest and rangeland management, and biosecurity and invasive species. The Roundtable also will provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage in workshops, webinars, case studies and more.

Panelists: WGA Policy Advisors Zach Bodhane and Bill Whitacre, and WGA Director of Strategic Initiatives Troy Timmons.

Watch the Webinar

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