WATCH WEBINAR: Leveraging Technology to Address Cybersecurity Challenges

The Western Governors’ Association hosted the webinar, Leveraging Technology to Address Cybersecurity Challenges, on May 4, 2021.

States face rapidly growing and evolving cybersecurity threats, but their ability to adequately react and respond is constrained by a lack of capacity.

This webinar explored how efficient technological solutions help states counter emerging threats and extend capacity related to cyber defense. It also shared best practices, analyzed ways to implement these solutions, and examined the benefits that innovation in this space provides.

The panel was moderated by Doug Robinson, Executive Director, National Association of State Chief Information Officers. Panelists included: Charlie Frick, Technical Director for Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Teri Takai, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government; Tim Roemer, Director, Arizona Department of Homeland Security, and State Chief Information Security Officer; Ryan Gillis, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy and Global Policy, Palo Alto Networks

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