LISTEN: New podcast episode highlights the next generation of western leaders who attended the inaugural Western Governors’ Leadership Institute

The Next Generation of Western Leaders, the latest episode of WGA’s Out West podcast, highlights the inaugural class of delegates from the 2022 Western Governors’ Leadership Institute, a new programmatic offering from the Western Governors’ Foundation that is designed to promote and encourage the effective exercise of leadership in young adults throughout the West. 

Listen in as Aspen Lenning from Oklahoma, Gustaf Vanderdonck from Arizona, Samantha Mooney from Colorado, Gabriella Smith from Washington, Brandon Larranaga from New Mexico, Kaleb Dschaak from North Dakota, Jonathan Karlen from Montana, and Skyler Bollar from Idaho share their experiences from WGA's 2022 Annual Meeting and discuss how their interactions with the Governors, Cabinet Secretaries, and sponsors who attended the event enhanced their perspective of effective leadership and bipartisan political action.

To listen, click the embedded player below, or visit PodbeanSpotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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