Decarbonizing the West initiative survey

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Upon becoming WGA’s Chair in July 2023, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon launched Decarbonizing the West, an initiative examining how decarbonization strategies and technologies, including carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies, direct air capture (DAC), and natural sequestration can position western states at the forefront of innovation and reduce the effects of carbon emissions on the environment.

This survey is intended to help WGA design the initiative by identifying: (1) priority issues for gubernatorial leadership, including regulatory, technical, economic, and market opportunities for states to support decarbonization efforts; (2) best practices in carbon management in the West; (3) federal policy issues for potential WGA advocacy; (4) individuals or organizations interested in participating in workshops and other opportunities for engagement and; (5) gauge the current state of the market for technologies and companies.


This survey is a scoping tool intended to solicit feedback and information on technical challenges, financing barriers, policy issues and other factors affecting the development and deployment of decarbonization technologies in western states.  WGA may develop follow-up surveys for specific sectors or issues and may contact respondents for elaboration or additional detail. You do not need to answer every question to submit your survey.  You may answer “Not Applicable” or leave the response blank. 

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