Biosecurity & Invasive Species Initiative Resource: Clean Drain Dry Initiative by Wildlife Forever

Wildlife Forever’s Clean Drain Dry Initiative is a national public awareness and education program that since its 2006 launch has reached nearly 2 billion contacts, or roughly 5.6 impressions per person living in the U.S. The campaign encourages boaters, anglers and hunters to properly clean and care for their equipment to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species through consistent messaging and targeted marketing.

Partnering with more than 2,500 organizations -- including federal, state and Canadian agencies -- Wildlife Forever promotes stewardship amongst outdoor recreationalists using nationally approved best practices.

The National Invasive Species Outreach and Education 2017-2018 Bi-Annual Report produced by Wildlife Forever includes useful resources, metrics and information on the success of Clean Drain Dry. Additional tools and resources such as posters, digital ads, educational materials are available here.

The Western Governors’ Biosecurity and Invasive Species Initiative highlighted the work of Western Governors to confront the challenge of nuisance species, pests, and pathogens on western ecosystems. Part of the Initiative's work was to convene experts, and identify case studies, best practices, and other resources to advance that mission. Learn more on the Initiative’s Resources Page.

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