WGA provides recommendations for forest management with House Subcommittee on Environment

Ahead of the Committee on Oversight and Reform’s Subcommittee on Environment’s hearing: Fighting Fire with Fire, Evaluating the Role of Forest Management in Reducing Catastrophic Wildfires, the Western Governors’ Association provided a letter outlining the Governors’ policy priorities on forest management. The letter of March 14, signed by WGA Executive Director Jim Ogsbury, highlighted the need for a broad range of mitigation strategies, including pre-wildfire mitigation and traditional Indigenous burning practices. “Effective forest and rangeland management is only possible through collaboration between federal, state, local and tribal land management agencies,” the letter read. “These agencies should strive to find new ways to collaborate on forest and rangeland management projects, as well as to explore ways to improve state-federal coordination on existing management projects.” Read, download the letter to see full remarks.

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