WGA urges the Advisory Committee on Data for Evidence Building to develop more robust data sharing policies

Ahead of the First Annual Report for the Advisory Committee on Data for Evidence Building, the Western Governors’ Association urged the committee to develop policies that foster more robust intergovernmental data sharing. The letter of December 13, signed by WGA Executive Director Jim Ogsbury, specifically called the committee’s attention to WGA Policy Resolution, Utilizing State Data in Federal Decision Making, which highlights the importance of state privacy and data stewardship laws; the need for federal consultation with states during the development of data policies and data sharing; and the advisability of uniformity in data standards and stewardship policies across all levels of government. “Federal agencies should work with state and local partners to develop uniform data standards, where appropriate, to maximize data quality and facilitate intergovernmental data use, access, sharing, and interoperability.” Read, download the letter.  

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