Policy Resolutions

Western Governors enact new policy resolutions and amend existing resolutions on a bi-annual basis.  WGA’s most recent resolutions can be found on this page and the following pages. Find resolutions by category using the choices offered in the sidebar.

Public Lands Grazing

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Western Governors' Association Policy Resolution 2015-03: Range livestock operations were established decades ago. These family-based operations are important contributors to the customs, cultures and rural economies of the West. Federal land management agencies’ actions in recent years have resulted in reductions or removal of domestic livestock from federal lands. Western Governors support sound, science-based management decisions for federal lands that should be based upon flexible policies that take into account local ecological conditions and state planning decisions for wildlife and other human needs.

Federal Disaster Recovery Assistance for Communities in the West

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Western Governors' Association Policy Resolution 2015-04: Major natural disasters are an ongoing challenge for Western states. In recent years, Western governors’ petitions for long-term federal recovery aid have been denied, especially for wildfire disasters that are unique to the West. The federal government has an important role to play in responding to disasters and in helping communities and states in long-term recovery.

Respecting State Authority and Expertise

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Western Governors’ Association Policy Resolution 2014-09: Except as mandated by Congress, the management of resources through the establishment of environmental standards and natural resource planning goals, as well as the means of achieving those standards and goals, should be left to the states. Western Governors support early, meaningful and substantial state involvement in the development, prioritization and implementation of federal environmental statutes, policies, rules, programs, reviews, budget proposals, budget processes and strategic planning.

Regional Wildfire Fighting Resources

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Western Governors’ Association Policy Resolution 2014-10: Western Governors believe western states should work together to identify options to expand the availability and sharing of wildfire firefighting resources. This includes, among other things, encouraging Congress and the Administration to ensure the federal aerial wildfire fighting fleet is rebuilt as expeditiously as possible, urging the Department of Defense to identify all available National Guard wildfire fighting resources, and encourage expansion of local fire mobilization plans.

State Clean Air Act Authority and Air Quality Regulation

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Western Governors’ Association Policy Resolution 2014-13: States have significant regulatory responsibility under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and are tasked with developing implementation plans to accomplish CAA objectives. New EPA regulations, rulemaking, and guidance should recognize state authority under the CAA, as well as under other federal environmental statutes.

State Wildlife Science, Data and Analysis

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Western Governors’ Association Policy Resolution 2014-14: Western Governors direct the Western Governors’ Wildlife Council to continue its guidance in the development, management and implementation with partners of the state CHATs and Western Governors’ CHAT. Western Governors also urge federal agencies to work directly with states to obtain and use state fish and wildlife data and analyses as principal sources to inform their land use, land planning and related natural resource decisions.