Lolo Matalasi Moliga

American Samoa

Elected American Samoa’s 57th governor in 2012, reelected in 2016

Early Years: Born 1949, in born in Ta’u, Manu’a, American Samoa

Education: Manu'a High School (American Samoa); Chadron State College; master's degree in public administration from San Diego State University

Career: Teacher and elementary school principal; Director, American Samoa Government Budget Office; American Samoa’s chief procurement officer; American Samoa House of Representatives; American Samoa Senator; President, Development Bank of American Samoa

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About American Samoa

Nickname: Let God Be First

Capital: Pago Pago

Population: 54,194

Size: The state covers 77 square miles

Economic drivers: territorial government, tuna cannery

Did you know? About 30 ethnic Samoans from American Samoa have played in the National Football League, and more than 200 in NCAA Division I college football.

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