WGA, NACo, PNWER urge improvements in state-federal relationship to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

The Western Governors’ Association, Pacific NorthWest Economic Region and the Western Interstate Region of the National Association of Counties shared recommendations to improve the state-federal relationship with leadership of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  

The coalition letter sent on June 4, 2018, shared a number of process improvements Congress can use to build a stronger state-federal relationship, including the treatment of states as sovereign entities engaged in a government-to-government manner, and not as equivalent to stakeholders.

“Congress can play a significant role in improving the state-federal relationship, as a more functional and effective state-federal dynamic will benefit our shared constituents through the production of better, more durable and more legally defensible policy,” stated the letter signed by Western Governors’ Association Executive Director James Ogsbury, Western Interstate Region of NACo President Joel Bousman and Pacific NorthWest Economic Region Executive Director Matt Morrison.

Read, download the letter

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