Western Governors roll out ‘10-Year Energy Vision’


Western Governors unveiled a 10-Year Energy Vision, which lays out overarching goals for Western energy policy, at the WGA’s 2013 Annual Meeting (June 28-30) at the Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.

The 10-Year Energy Vision provides a comprehensive approach to energy policy, from fossil fuels to renewables, as well as a focus on energy efficiency, environmental protection and education. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, the WGA Chairman, spearheaded the year-long energy project with his WGA colleagues that produced energy vision and its companion documents, The State of Energy in the West and Energy Perspectives.

The 10-Year Energy Vision represents a consensus from states with very different resources and policy stances,” said Gov. Herbert. “It was truly a bipartisan effort that includes the perspectives of all the governors.”

The Western Governors’ 10-Year Energy Vision contains six energy goals on which the governors agree. Some of those goals include: achieving energy security; generating clean, affordable and reliable energy from a diversified portfolio of energy sources; increasing energy efficiency, and protecting wildlife, the environment and natural resources.

Western Governors consider the Energy Vision as something of a blueprint for a comprehensive national energy policy that promotes economic growth while protecting valued natural and environmental resources.

The Western Governors created two other documents with regard to the association’s year-long focus on energy.

  • The State of Energy in the West: Provides detailed background on energy resources and consumption in the West. You'll learn that Western coal production accounts for nearly 60% of the national total and that the West delivers two-thirds of the nation's wind energy.
  • Energy Perspectives: A collection of essays by Western Governors and Canadian Premiers on a variety of energy-related topics.

Read and download the The 10-Year Energy Vision, then watch a video about the energy vision.


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