Western Governors deliver 2019 State of the State addresses


Western Governors are delivering their annual State of the State addresses. Below is a roundup of the speeches delivered so far (including inaugural addresses from newly-elected Western Governors) and dates of upcoming addresses for which we have dates. Check back to find more speeches. 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey identified water security as a top priority during his Jan. 15 State of the State address. “The issues we need to tackle aren’t partisan ones. In some cases, they aren’t even political. At the top of that list: securing our water future,” said Gov. Ducey. “It’s an issue that deserves your focus and attention. Which is why it’s first on my list.” He also addressed education and teacher pay raises, and expanding economic opportunity. “Arizona’s economy is booming. There’s no doubt about it. We’ve added nearly 300,000 new jobs in the last four years,” said Gov. Ducey. Read the transcript and watch the address. Watch Gov. Ducey’s Jan. 8 inaugural address.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis outlined ambitious plans on Jan. 10 regarding education, energy, health care and infrastructure during his first State of the State address. He also announced his plan for free, full-day kindergarten across the state as a top priority in the 2019 session. “Making full-day kindergarten available and accessible for all children sets kids up to be more successful in school and throughout their lives,” he said. Gov. Polis also highlighted the tremendous economic impact of the state’s outdoor recreation and agriculture sectors. Read the transcript and watch the address and Read Gov. Polis’ Jan. 8 inaugural address.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige: Jan. 22

Idaho Gov. Brad Little delivered his State of the State on Jan. 7, focusing on the state’s growing population, education and economy. He announced the launch of Our Kids, Idaho’s Future, a task force that will investigate the education system and provide a five-year blueprint for education investment and reform. He also highlighted the newly developed “shared stewardship” approach developed in partnership with the USDA, saying “Idaho is leading the country in our fresh, collaborative approach to land management.” Read the transcript and read Gov. Little’s Jan. 4 inaugural address.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock: Jan 31

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham urged New Mexico residents and legislators to prioritize education on Jan. 15 during her first State of the State address. “We are going to deliver a moonshot for public education in the state of New Mexico: A half billion dollars for our classrooms, new money, put to its best possible use, right now,” said Gov. Lujan Grisham. Public safety, health care and economic development were also emphasized. “I firmly believe what we accomplish in these sixty days will set the course for a transformed state, a stronger and better state, not just in these next four years but for decades, generations to come,” Gov. Lujan Grisham said in her remarks. Read the transcript and read Gov. Lujan Grisham’s Jan. 1 inaugural address.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum highlighted the state’s robust economy, high quality of life, and strong workforce during his Jan. 3 State of the State address. He touted progress made on the administration’s five strategic initiatives – transforming education, tribal partnerships, reinventing government, behavioral health and addiction, and the Main Street Initiative. “Our state is ready to go to the next level because of the tremendous progress made in the last two years,” said Gov. Burgum. “Our forward-looking agenda is focused on solving our workforce challenges, increasing accountability and budget transparency, investing in our people and investing in our future.” Read the transcript.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem cited government transparency, fiscal responsibility, increasing rural broadband access, boosting the economy, promoting better education and the workforce as top priorities on Jan. 7 during her first State of the State address. “We must close the broadband gap to ensure people have the opportunity to work and hire locally and sell globally,” said Gov. Noem. “By pairing quality of life, education targeted at in-demand fields, and fast, reliable broadband, I believe our geographic location can actually be an advantage.” Read the transcript.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee urged state leaders to act on climate change, education, mental health, orcas and more on Jan. 15 during his State of the State address. The theme of the speech, Washington’s Unwritten Chapter, focused on continuing innovation. “We are constantly refreshed with new ideas, new cultures, new communities and new technologies. We seek out new talent from the world’s many pockets because that makes Washington stronger,” said Gov. Inslee. “I believe our next Washington chapter must show that we pushed the limit and moved beyond our plateau, that we always looked for the next beginning.” Read the transcript.

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon defined his administration’s priorities for economic development, fiscal responsibility, energy, and improving quality of life on Jan. 9 during his first State of the State address. “I believe the best decisions are made closest to where the impact of those decisions is felt. It is also at the local level where individuals and entrepreneurs can spur new businesses that align with a community’s values and assets,” said Gov. Gordon. “I hope to move forward with improving the tools required for cities, towns and counties to prosper.Watch the State of the State address and read the transcript. Read Gov. Gordon’s Jan. 7 inaugural address.

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