Western Governors back development of enhanced oil recovery technology


Western Governors have reiterated their support to Congressional leadership for policy that would deploy responsible use of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) using carbon dioxide.

The Governors' outreach on June 3, 2016 encouraged efforts to develop federal policy, such as the Carbon Capture Act, aimed at spurring deployment of EOR technology.

The letter to Rep. Mike Conaway and Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Shelley Moore Capito emphasized that EOR technology has proven to be "safe and effective," adding: "Western Governors stand behind federal policies that enable development of new commercial carbon capture and pipeline projects in a cost effective manner."

The Governors also cited their policy resolution, Enhanced Oil Recovery: "In recognition of the environmental and economic benefits of EOR, Western Governors support policies and incentives that advance investment in EOR projects, infrastructure, technology, and research."

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