Western Governors approve policy resolutions on public lands grazing, wild horses and burros, federal disaster assistance and energy

Western Governors formally approved four policy resolutions on: Public Lands Grazing; Wild Horse and Burro Management; Energy in the West; and Federal Disaster Recovery Assistance for Communities in the West at the Western Governors’ Association 2017 Winter Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

The four policy resolutions formally approved include:

Policy Resolution 2018–01: Wild Horse and Burro Management
In 2015, Western Governors adopted Policy Resolution 2015-01, Wild Horse and Burro Management. It noted the increasing demand on federal agencies to adequately manage wild horse and burro populations and offered support for thoughtful and science-based herd management decisions. The updated resolution includes more current estimates of the growing number of wild horses and burros on BLM- and USFS-managed rangelands in the West, highlighting how herd populations continue to grow beyond the BLM’s established Appropriate Management Levels. Read, download the resolution.

Policy Resolution 2018–02: Public Lands Grazing
In 2015, Western Governors adopted Policy Resolution 2015-03, Public Lands Grazing, which expressed the Governors’ response to the reduction or removal of domestic livestock from federal lands and their support for sound, science-based management decisions for federal lands. This updated resolution incorporates language on the importance of targeted grazing as a tool to achieve restoration and land management goals and on alternative allotments authorized by the BLM and USFS. Read, download the resolution.

Policy Resolution 2018-03: Federal Disaster Recovery Assistance for Communities in the West
In 2015, Western Governors adopted Policy Resolution 2015-04, Federal Disaster Recovery Assistance for Communities in the West. The resolution advocated for federal recovery aid for major natural disasters, especially wildfires, and noted the important role of the federal government in helping communities and states in long-term recovery.  This updated resolution emphasizes the need for: (i) adequate and flexible funding of individual and public assistance programs, as well as fire management grant assistance; (ii) increased collaboration with states in federal disaster response and recovery; and (iii) federal focus on disaster mitigation.  Read, download the resolution.

Policy Resolution 2018-04: Energy in the West
In 2016, Western Governors adopted Policy Resolution 2016-09, Energy and Transmission, which set forth an all-of-the above approach to energy, recognized different approaches among states and territories to energy use and development, and expressed commitment to seeing states and territories develop policies and use their energy endowments to their maximum benefit. The updated resolution sets forth revised energy policy priorities for the West, including priorities regarding alternative vehicles, energy storage, grid resiliency and cybersecurity. It also directs WGA staff to consult with the Western Interstate Energy Board to recommend updates to the 10-Year Energy Vision. Read, download the resolution. 

Western Governors enact new policy resolutions and amend existing resolutions on a bi-annual basis. All of WGA’s current resolutions can be found on our Resolutions Page.

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