‘Distilled’ dives deep into Idaho’s microbrewing industry, complicated history

The West

As craft beverages grow in popularity across the U.S., the West has emerged as a leader in brewing and distilling.

Small and independent American craft brewers contributed $67.8 billion to the U.S. economy in 2016 according to the Brewers Association, and three of the top five states per capita are western states.

In Idaho, Boise State Public Radio examined the long and sometimes complicated history of alcohol in the state in a series called Distilled. Examining the “humble beginnings of the Inland Northwest’s first vineyard in 1864 to today's microbrewery boom, the scene has flourished in recent years.”

Read and listen to the following stories on how the alcohol industry has changed the Gem State:

At the 2017 WGA Annual Meeting in Whitefish, Montana, a panel of industry experts discussed its explosive growth and impact on the economy.  Read quotes and takeaways from the roundtable session.

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