Business Roundtable report identifies opportunities to close the skills gap

The Western Governors’ Workforce Development Initiative has identified the growing skills gap as one of the obstacles to building a vibrant, regional economy. According to a report by Business Roundtable, there are three types of skills gaps in today’s workforce, and they often act in combination:

  • A lack of individuals with fundamental employability skills, such as the ability to use basic math, communicate effectively, read technical manuals, work successfully in teams and participate in complex problem-solving;
  • A lack of workers who have the specialized skills needed to fill many trade positions; and
  • A lack of applicants with the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills needed for many of today’s jobs.

Education, postsecondary credentials, work training and recruiting a diverse workforce all contribute to filling the gap according to the report. Read about the specific steps the corporate sector is taking to address these challenges by downloading the report.

Learn more about the Western Governors’ Workforce Development Initiative and its workshops focused on closing the skills gap here. Get the latest news about the West and its governors by following the Western Governors' Association on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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