Best of the West Special Report: California devastated by fast-moving blazes, wildfires continue to impact the West

Wildfires, The West

An already devastating western wildfire season grew even more damaging with a sudden series of wildfires in Northern California. Here is where to find the latest updates from the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle. In other news:

The impact of wildfires continues to be felt across the western states. Oregon, which experienced its own series of devastating fires this year has deployed firefighters and volunteers to California to battle the blazes. Colorado also sent an aircraft built to carry almost 20,000 gallons of fire retardant to California.

In Montana, wildfire season was declared over at the end of September, but the ramifications are still being felt. The USDA reports that over 1 million acres were burned throughout the state, which is now facing a budget shortfall after spending more than $60 million in state funds.

The destructive fires in California have reignited the debate about how to fund wildfire prevention and suppression. Western Governors have urged Congress to fix the issue of “fire borrowing”, a budget practice that diverts funds from fire suppression activities.     

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