Western Governors share reforms in response to Executive Order, 'Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda'

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 President Trump Regulatory Reform EOThe Western Governors' Association reached out to The White House on May 15, 2017, in response to President Trump’s Executive Order, Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda, which requires federal agencies to seek input and assistance from states.

In the letter to Justin Clark, the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at The White House, the Governors assert that they "believe realigning the relationship of the federal government and states so that it operates as a true partnership is one of the most important  reforms the President could undertake."

The outreach signed by WGA Executive Director Jim Ogsbury includes an agency-by-agency menu of reforms, informed by Governors’ past interactions with federal agencies, for consideration by the White House and departmental Regulatory Reform Task Forces. The menu of reforms also was shared with appropriate House and Senate committees.

Read, download letter and suggested reforms

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