WATCH: Lek Cam delivers livestream of the 'Sage-Grouse Strut'

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Sage Grouse in LekYou've doubtless heard about the greater sage-grouse, most likely in relation to the unprecedented western conservation effort that resulted in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) 2015 determination that the rangeland bird didn't warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act.

But have you ever seen the males 'strut' for a mate in the breeding grounds called "leks?" The elaborate mating dance is well worth seeing, and now you can watch the action in an Oregon lek via a livestream, provided for the third year in a row by FWS and The Nature Conservancy.

The "Lek Cam" will stream coverage 5-9 a.m. PT daily from March 29 to May 15, 2017. Recorded coverage is available to viewers on the website.

View the livestream

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