Influential pollster Frank Luntz to keynote at WGA Annual Meeting in Montana

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Frank LuntzFrank Luntz will speak June 27Frank Luntz, the pollster whose “Instant Response” technique has made him one of the country's most influential communication professionals, will deliver a keynote at the WGA Annual Meeting (June 26-28) in Whitefish, Montana.

Luntz, the "Focus Group Czar” for Fox News and a CBS News contributor, will kick off the second day of the meeting on Tuesday, June 27. (See agenda, register)

A recent column by Luntz in TIME (Americans Trust Their Own States But Not Washington) illustrates the insights he can deliver. Luntz's nationwide public opinion research reveals, for example, that a whopping 71% of voters agree that state-level government is better equipped to serve its citizens and deliver results than the federal government. Other highlights in the column include:

  • Nearly half of Americans (45%) regard "America’s governors and state governments" favorably; just 27% hold a favorable view of the federal government.
  • When asked who are “the most dedicated public servants in it for the right reasons,” respondents give states a 30% lead over the federal government.
  • States are more trusted (by 28%) than the federal government in “educating students and helping them achieve.”

Luntz concludes: “Americans are demanding a new relationship with their government that prioritizes local leadership and local solutions rather than an inflexible one-size-fits all national approach to the myriad challenges facing the country.” (Read the column)

ATTEND THE ANNUAL MEETING: Read the agenda and register for the 2017 WGA Annual Meeting,which also will include a keynote by world renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker. The meeting hosted by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will be held June 26-28 in Whitefish, Montana.

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