Drought Update: One third of U.S. living with drought; Great Salt Lake turns pink

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fulldroughtmonThe U.S. Drought Monitor shows that drought is impacting one in three Americans this fall.

This season has seen drought scorch crops, fuel wildfires and force strict water conservation across the country as the West, South and Northeast all grapple with extreme conditions. In total, about 130 million Americans are currently living in drought-stricken areas. More

The Western Governors' Drought Forum was the Chairman's Initiative of Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. Part of the Initiative's continuing effort is to share the latest news about drought and its impact on the West.

  • There IS some good drought news: For the first time since spring of 2013, a quarter of California is drought-free.
  • Montana is revising its drought management plan and taking public comment on draft proposals.
  • Learn how Oregon's record drought has taken a toll on the state’s conifer trees.
  • State officials are studying the success rate of California’s $350 million campaign to turn residents' tastes away from water-slurping lawns.
  • Find out how drought has beached boats and turned the water pink in Utah’s Great Salt Lake.
  • New research warns that the southwestern U.S. could face a 'mega-drought' by the end of the century that would dwarf the historic California drought.

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Droght Forum Cover ImageRead the Western Governors' Drought Forum Report, which is arranged around seven key themes that emerged during the first year of the Forum, and view a video update.

The Western Governors' Drought Forum also included regional workshops that gathered experts to share best practices, case studies and other resources to help states better anticipate and manage drought. Learn more on the Drought Forum website.

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