Drought Update: California loses $600 million to drought, Lake Powell in peril

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A new studyucdavis watershed reveals that California's historic drought will cost the state $603 million in 2016 and result in the loss of 4,700 jobs.

The findings from the University of California Davis Center for Watershed Sciences also include:

  • The drought in 2016 will result in a 2.6 million acre-foot reduction in surface water available to agriculture.
  • This surface water loss will be partially replaced by increasing groundwater pumping by 1.9 million acre-feet, at a cost of $303 million.
  • The resulting net water shortage will cause losses of $247 million in crop revenue.
  • Direct costs to agriculture total $550 million.
  • The total statewide economic cost of the 2016 drought is $603 million, with a total loss of 4,700 seasonal and part-time jobs.

Although a staggering blow to the economy, the impact is far less severe than a year ago, which saw a statewide cost of $2.7 billion. The study notes that this year's wetter winter and spring helped California partially recover surface water storage and increased recharge to some aquifers. See the full report

The Western Governors' Drought Forum was the Chairman's Initiative of Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. Part of the Initiative's continuing effort is to share the latest news about drought and its impact on the West.

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  • California water regulators have just announced that drought conditions have improved enough to allow restrictions on hundreds of water suppliers to be lifted.

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