Best of the West: Montana wildfire drones; Colorado's unique jet fuel; grizzlies closer to delisting

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The Western Governors' Association keeps you updated on news of the West. Here are western stories for the week starting Nov. 14, 2016, that you don't want to miss:

roaringlionfireRoaring Lion Fire damageWildfire Tech: The Roaring Lion fire in Montana marked the first time that drones were employed in wildfire monitoring. Also: See the Western Governors' recent letter urging timely Congressional action to end the practice of “fire borrowing” used by the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of the Interior.

Forest-Powered Flight: Alaska Airlines flew a commercial jet from Seattle, Washington, to our Nation's Capital using fuel that a Colorado company made from wood scraps.

Powering the Cloud: Microsoft has signed its largest wind-power purchase to date, with Wyoming and Kansas, to power one of its data centers.

Grizzly Delisting Developing: Grizzly bears in the Yellowstone Ecosystem are a step closer to being removed from the federal endangered species list following conservation strategy approval.

Environmental Watchdogs: Find out how Montana is using dogs to sniff out invasive mussel species.

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