Best of the West: Old Faithful investigation, Hawaiian Mars experiment, Snake River dam debate reopened

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The Western Governors' Association keeps you updated on news of the West. Here are western stories for the week starting Nov. 7, 2016, that you don't want to miss:

oldfaithsciYellowstone National ParkOld Faithful Science: Scientists are mapping the plumbing in Yellowstone National Park to find out why it’s so explosive.

Mission to Mars: Find out why NASA's search for life on Mars begins in Hawaii.

Dam Debate: A federal judge's order has revived the Snake River dam debate, and now agencies must take a new look at managing the Washington dams to save wild salmon runs.

Drought Nation: Large parts of the southeastern U.S. are struggling with drought, while 11 western states are still experiencing severe drought.

World Series Impacts: Find out why Gov. Doug Ducey says that the Cubs' World Series win is a great boost for Arizona's economy.

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