2016 Election results for Western Governors in Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington

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Montana Gov Steve BullockGov. Bullock

Elections were held for five Western Governors on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The results:

Montana: Gov. Steve Bullock was re-elected, defeating Greg Gianforte. "It may be a challenging time in this experiment called representative democracy, what with the toxicity," said Gov. Bullock. "But I'm optimistic that our leaders, Democrats and Republicans, still rise above that toxicity to demonstrate to those that we represent that we're individually and we're collectively better than that." Story

North Dakota: Doug Burgum defeated Marvin Nelson to earn the governorship, which came open when Gov. Jack Dalrymple decided not to run for re-election. “It’s imperative as a state and as a nation we come together and look forward," Burgum said after his victory.” Story

Oregon: Gov. Kate Brown defeated Bud Pierce. "I believe that the times call upon us to take action, and I believe that if we work together we can shape both the place and the times in which we live," Gov. Brown said. Story

Oregon Gov Kate Brown Official PortraitGov. BrownUtah: Gov. Gary Herbert was re-elected, defeating Mike Weinholtz. "It's going to take focus and coming together to raise the bar on education, and I believe that's something we can do over these next four years," said Gov. Herbert. Story

Washington: Gov. Jay Inslee was re-elected, defeating Bill Bryant. “We are a confident and optimistic state, and we will remain so while I am governor," said Gov. Inslee. Story

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