LISTEN: Dayton Duncan explains "America's Best Idea" in moving keynote about National Park System

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Dayton DuncanHistorian Dayton Duncan delivered a moving keynote about the origins of the National Park Service, and his personal connection to “America’s Best Idea,” at WGA's 2016 Annual Meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Duncan's speech, which received a standing ovation from Western Governors and the audience, likened the National Park idea to the founding principle of liberty itself.

"The National Park idea says it doesn’t matter if your parents came over on the Mayflower or your parents just arrived," Duncan told attendees. "Each one of you, is the owner of some of the best seafront property this nation has ...You own awesome views of stunning mountains and breathtaking canyons. They belong to you. And all that is required in return is that you put it in your will for your children so that they can have it, too."

Duncan's poignant speech opened with a journey through the National Park System's history and seamlessly flowed into an anecdotal childhood connection and his future wishes for the parks and the country.

Listen to Dayton Duncan's Keynote


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