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Droght Forum Cover ImageThe first year of the Western Governors’ Drought Forum has provided a platform for regional experts to share case studies and best practices on drought policy, preparedness and management.

The Drought Forum, which is the initiative of WGA Chairman and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, will continue in the years ahead. Gov. Sandoval recently hosted a meeting of the initiative in Nevada to discuss the most significant themes to emerge during the initiative's first year.

The meeting at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, Nev., also saw the release of the Western Governors Drought Forum Report. This roadmap to the online resource that collects the work of the Forum is arranged around seven key themes that emerged during the first year of the Forum:

  • Data and Analysis
  • Produced, Reused and Brackish Water
  • Forest Health and Soil Stewardship
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency
  • Infrastructure and Investment
  • Working within Institutional Frameworks to Manage Drought
  • Communication and Collaboration

"Our Drought Forum discussions have shown that westerners are experts at innovating in response to water supply variability," said Gov. Sandoval. "They have also shown the importance of communicating across sectors and state lines to best respond to drought. Western states will continue to thrive, even with the threat of drought, so long as we work together and make the most of the water we have."

Read, download: Western Governors' Drought Forum Report

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