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Montana Gov Steve Bullock for InitiativeThe Chairman’s Initiative of Montana Governor Steve Bullock, the "National Forest and Rangeland Management Initiative," creates a mechanism for states and land managers to share best practices and policy options for forest and rangeland management. The work of the initiative will position Western Governors to recommend congressional efforts to improve forest management. Visit this page to watch each installment in the webinar series for the initiative and learn about upcoming webinars.

Managing Electricity Reliability Risks on Forests and Rangeland

This webinar examined risks to power systems on public and private forests and rangelands, as well as evaluating how proper management can improve electricity reliability and mitigate wildfire danger. Panel moderator: Anne Beard, Manager, Vegetation Management and T&D Asset Management, Public Service Company of New Mexico. Panelists: Randy Miller, Director, Vegetation Management, PacifiCorp; Reggie Woodruff, Energy Program Manager, U.S. Forest Service; Tom Sullivan, Audit Committee Chair, Right-of-Way Stewardship Council.

The Future of Wild Horse and Burro Management

This webinar examined the economic and environmental impacts of wild horses and burros on western rangelands, as well as responsible and humane management of those populations. Panel was moderator: U.S. Representative Chris Stewart (UT-2). Panelists: Kathleen Clarke, Director, Utah Public Lands Coordinating Office; J.J. Goicoechea, Eureka County Commission Chair, Eureka County, NV; Callie Hendrickson, Executive Director, White River & Douglas Creek Conservation Districts in Rio Blanco County, CO; Tammy Pearson, Commissioner, Beaver County, UT; Dr. Eric Thacker, Professor of Wildland Resources, Utah State University.

Rangeland Management Strategies and Tools

This webinar examined new developments for increased resilience to the threats posed to western rangelands by invasive species, drought, wildfire and other stressors. Panel moderator: Jeremy Maestas, Sagebrush Ecosystem Specialist, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service. Panelists: Chad Boyd, Rangeland Ecologist, Research Leader, Burns, Oregon, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Brian Mealor, Director, University of Wyoming Sheridan Research and Extension Center; Jay Kerby, Southeast Oregon Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy.

Land Management Conflict: Litigation and the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution

The webinar examined the causes and effects of litigation over federal natural resource decisions, and the potential to use alternative dispute resolution in concert with (or in lieu of) traditional litigation. Moderator: David Dreher, President, Foresight LLC; Panelists: Jim Riley, Principal, Riley and Associates; Laura Ziemer, Senior Counsel and Water Policy Advisor, Trout Unlimited; Susan Jane Brown, Wildlands Program Director and Staff Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center; Chris French, Director, Ecosystem Management Coordination, U.S. Forest Service.

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