Cooling Water Control Technology Saves Water across Multiple Sectors

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Nalco Logo 3005A variety of cooling systems are used across a multitude of sectors, from energy generation to manufacturing. Regardless of the size or design of the cooling system, there are operational challenges that can impact water usage and the bottom line of an organization. Cooling water optimization software can help to mitigate some of these operational challenges by monitoring the system stresses and automatically responding. These case studies highlight operations across multiple sectors that utilize cooling water technology with real-time monitoring, activities-based control, and information management capabilities to realize significant water savings and economic savings. 

Industrial Water Efficiency through Public Collaboration

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intel-company-logo-png-hd-skIntel’s Ocotillo Campus developed a water conservation strategy in response to the challenges that come with manufacturing in Arizona’s desert environment. In close partnership with the City of Chandler, Intel equipped its Ocotillo campus with innovative water reuse facilities to conserve limited water resources. Read and download the case study