New Mexico River Stewardship Program - Red River Restoration Project

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Red River

The New Mexico River Stewardship Program funds restoration projects that enhance the health of rivers by addressing the root causes of poor water quality and stream habitat. The program aims to restore (or maintain) hydrology of streams and rivers to reduce flooding downstream while also enhancing economic benefits of healthy river systems for local communities. The Town of Red River has a tourism-based economy that relies heavily on fishing. Recent wildfires combined with historic river mismanagement created myriad water quality and stream habitat issues in Red River. Funding from the New Mexico River Stewardship Program allowed the Town of Red River to implement river restoration work, improving the environmental and recreational quality of Red River stream segments. Watch a video of the presentation or read and download the case study. 

Golf Course Water Conservation: Multiple Approaches to Water Conservation

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Golf courses in drought-stricken regions are increasingly conflicted over how to provide a high-quality course while reducing water usage due to mandatory watering restrictions. The following case studies highlight golf courses in California that have employed landscaping and irrigation solutions that maintain golfer satisfaction while realizing significant reductions in water use. Read and download the case study

Water Conservation Opportunities for Recreation Destinations

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xanterra-450x167Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the country’s largest park concessionaire, has set a company-wide goal of reducing total water usage 25% by 2015 with its intranet-based Ecologix program. Through the use of this program, Xanterra has implemented practices at its resorts to significantly reduce water usage and increase energy efficiency. Read and download the case study.