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Install Higher Accuracy Automatic Flush Toilets

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Kohler Touchless Toilet 2Automatic flush toilets are a common occurrence in high-traffic public restrooms. They were originally touted as a more hygienic alternative to manual flush toilets. Many of these toilets use a large amount of water, and are subject to excessive flushing due to over-sensitive flush sensors. A 2010 study on public restrooms in a Tampa Bay office building reported a 50% increase in water use after automatic flush toilets were installed. Placing the sensor above the toilet, facing up, along with proper installation and maintenance can vastly reduce the amount of errant flushes and water wasted as a result.



Integrate Weather Data into Irrigation Systems

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computer irrigationUtilizing weather data from surrounding monitoring stations can better inform residential irrigators of near real-time water demand for their lawn. Utilizing weather data on precipitation and soil moisture to inform irrigation decisions minimizes over-watering on residential properties. For more information, see the Oklahoma Mesonet's SIP Program.