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Source Marginal-Quality Water Near Energy Operations

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Identifying opportunities to source marginal-quality water near energy operations reduces the environmental impacts of pipelines and trucking. Utilizing marginal quality water reduces potable water usage and increases drought resiliency of an operation. Sources of marginal-quality water include production water, brackish groundwater and municipal/industrial waste water effluent. Read the EPA's Guidelines for Water Reuse 


Return Cooling Water to Reservoir for Reuse

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By returning once-through cooling water to a reservoir location, the same water can be used repeatedly for cooling, thus reducing the overall amount of water used in the system.  Additional water should be added incrementally, but this system minimizes total water use. Learn more.

Adjust Cooling Water Consumption

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Some cooling tower systems are computer-controlled. The computer control allows cooling systems to adjust the amount of water being consumed for a variety of climatic conditions. Installing a computer operated systems will prevent overuse of cooling water. Learn more.